She becomes a mother without a vagina or uterus
She is the first in the world to give birth like THIS. The healthy 1-year-old has made his parents the happiest in the world!

Her cruel schoolmates would have never believed what this woman can do with a pole
Unbelievable what she achieves with her willpower

You have to see this! At the first glance he looks like deformity
​By now, we’re all familiar with crash test dummies.

They find an 800-year-old pot with seeds in it. They plant without hope, but
It is amazing to think about how many fruits and vegetables exist in our world today.

Man sticks a tack into his shoulder. What comes out shocked everyone...OMG!
I can't look away!

This baby gets a new toy. But by 0:09, the mother nearly drops the camera from laughing!
Baby cracks up while playing with new toy.

They ask you to check between your toes
He begs his friends to check between their toes. The reason saved his life and it Can save yours too.

Mike posted this photo, there was something terribly wrong. Do you see it?
Do you spot it?

The teen waits in the gym with rollerblades on. But after she turns around, my jaw drops
A whirlwind on 8 wheels.. Incredible talent. She almost defies gravity!

Doctors couldn't believe what happened at this birth.
She thought the devil wanted to take her baby. So delicate...

Can you spot something strange in this photo?
Almost no one can see what's wrong with this photo. Do you have a sharp eye?

This 28-year-old poses for a photo, but when you look down, you'll be disgusted
Not exactly every girl's dream...

A girl with Down syndrome turns 21. Her boyfriend shocks everyone!
I wasn't expecting that!

Shocking video: Woman creates her 'dream body'
Anna from Australia is over the moon: She has a date with Henry, a man that she's been secretly in love with for years.

Bet you can't find the hidden smart phone in this photo! It's harder than you think!
Where is it?

Studies show pasta doesn't make you gain weight, it helps you lose it!
Scientists have discovered that this unhealthy food can help you shed pounds. You just have to pay attention to a few things

Why farting is healthy!
There are few topics that people find more uncomfortable to talk about than farting.

To look like ‘Red Skull’ this man has his nose removed . Now he looks like
His transformation is taking obsession a little too far in our opinion, but hey to each their own I guess.

Apple hiding these iPhone tricks from you
Your phone can do a lot of things, but can it do what you want it to?

These photos shows how online shopping can go wrong
There are so many advantages to online shopping... But...

She was born with a facial condition, but after years of facial surgery, she looks like
After facial reconstruction surgery, girl with rare condition lives a normal life.