This predator kills and destroys all over the world and you know it better than you think
The dream dies.

A Russian man stepped off the roof of a highrise while his friends were filming. The next day everyone saw this video
Walking the line

This woman doesn't want to sit next to him. He is blown away when he finds out why
How do you treat people?

The kitten cries out in pain as these Russian men carry it through the streets. I broke down in the end
Crying in fear

The teenagers stood still in the pool as if they were praying. When their chaperone started filming from the balcony, he got goosebumps

She leaves the stranger alone with her child. What the cam records is monstrous
It happened so fast...

And if a pregnant child wasn't shocking enough
Wait, what?!

What goes in to the empty square?
It's got to be six, right? But not

Baby born with adult-sized tongue smiles after life-changing surgery
​A baby who was born with an adult-sized tongue due to a rare genetic condition can finally smile after having surgery to stop it poking out.

She wakeboards out at sea. Then all of a sudden, they see THIS
How much would you pay for this?

This woman knocks on the shark tank glass. At 0:15 she learns a hard lesson
Don't touch!

This cow is so scared it starts to cry. Then it realizes where it is
Just like a person

This mother does nothing to prevent her daughter from doing these things
The proof!

Man on motorcycle films hit-and-run with his helmet-cam. Unbelievable video footage
This helmet-cam doesn't miss a thing

This girl hears a voice on the other side of the wall. She can't believe what it says
Life is precious

Woman builds house to annoy her ex-husband. Check out the back
If it fits...

This baby is just nine weeks old. But his impressive mop of hair has the internet in a tizzy
What a cutie!

The baby pulls on the cat's back legs. What the mother filmed went across the internet
A purrfect first encounter

This student wants to send her boyfriend a selfie. But something pops up behind her
The horror! Be careful when taking a selfie!

These parents celebrated the birth of their terminally ill baby every day
I cried when I saw what they did on the 99th day

When doctors saw the baby, they drew in their breath, looked like 80 year old
Real life Benjamin Button