She watched these chimps take their first tentative steps outside a cage. Will they remember her?
Life in a cage was all they had ever known

Her son died. Three years later, a little girl asks her to push the tummy of a teddy bear
It's beating!

Everyone was waiting for him to finally marry her. Her father stops her and makes everyone weep
Father-of-the-bride wows with poise and talent

Every day dozens of people get in line to touch this boy. You'll never guess why

When this little girl woke up, her chin was cut from ear to ear. But it was the most beautiful day of her life
New life

Everyone told her she was pretty. But then she turned 47 and made a horrible decision
One bad decision

She saved her 4-month-old baby's life by this photo
Who knew a photo could save a life?

This wife has no idea what her husband is secretly planning with their daughter. But on this day, she is speechless
Father and daughter...

This guy listened to something cracking inside the glacier and he froze. What he saw next surpassed his worst nightmare

After 40 years mother finds lost daughters through Facebook
42 years of separation

As rescuers found this wolf, his heart stopped beating. But what they found in his body was worst of all
Totally frozen

This puppy became an internet sensation after forming an unlikely bond with a very special family member
Love at first sight!

The mother posts a picture of her daughter. Two seconds later she's dead
One look too many

An injured dolphin approaches a diver and asks for help. Then this happened
Her intelligence is impressive

No one talked to her or even potty trained her but finally this girl was rescued
The girl in the window ...

One morning this teenager noticed a heap lying in the grass. When she stepped out of the car, a chill ran down her spine

When paramedics moved her body, they found something in her arms. What she was hiding made them all burst into tears
Everything for her son

A criminal threatened to shoot two kids. But he had no idea who their father was
Not a movie! This guy's for real

Three German students wanted to show a homeless man on a busy street. What a way to do it
A gesture of respect and togetherness is a great place to start

Just six weeks after the birth of her first child, she had twins and she's already pregnant again. You won't believe how this was possible
When you least expect it...

The baby was touching his face in the ultrasound. Then the grandmother told her daughter she HAD to look at the screen
What the heck!?